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Brian Glover

We are very sorry to have to report the death, on 8 June, of Professor Brian Glover, Visiting Professor and Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Design.

Professor Glover graduated from Leeds in 1965 with a degree in Colour Chemistry and was awarded his PhD four years later. He went on to a career of considerable distinction in the textile dyeing and printing industry, throughout which he retained a strong pride in, and loyalty towards, the University. He worked for many years for ICI, becoming Head of Textile Printing in 1978 and later International Technology Manager for the Dyes and Fine Pigments Division. In 1993, Professor Glover joined a continuous dye house as Managing Director and in 1997 was appointed as Technical Director of Yorkshire Chemicals Limited. He also established his own consultancy company. He was appointed Visiting Professor in the School of Design in 2002, a felicitous appointment for both the professional and personal qualities he brought to the fulfilment of his responsibilities.

Professor Glover was the author of over 30 scientific papers and was associated with a similar number of patents. He was the colourist responsible for the invention and development of alkali clearable disperse dyes that continue to be among the mains dyes used for polyester. Professor Glover was a Fellow of the Society of Colourists and Dyers and was awarded the Societys Centenary Medal in 1991 for the best practical and educational paper. He also held a Gold and two Silver Medals from the Society, of which he was the serving President at the time of his death. Strongly international in his outlook, Professor Glover travelled and lectured extensively overseas and, in 1988, was presented with the Award of Merit by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colourists.

Professor Glover is survived by his wife, Susan, daughter, Jane, and son, John.