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Anne Brown

Anne Brown

We are very sorry to have to let colleagues know that Mrs Anne Brown of the Centre for Photobiology and Photodynamic Theory died on 9 July 2006, after a long illness.

A trained teacher, a Licentiate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry and a graduate of the University she was awarded an MPhil in 1986 Annes career at Leeds began in the Department of Chemical Pathology in the late 1970s, when she worked on a number of research projects. She went on to teach science, notably Chemistry, in secondary schools within Leeds for more than a decade, before returning to the University at the beginning of 1998. In June of that year, Anne was appointed as Clinical Database Co-ordinator in the Centre for Photobiology and Photodynamic Theory. In this capacity, she provided invaluable support in devising and maintaining the databases containing details of the diverse clinical activity of this multidisciplinary Centre; the Centre undertakes a range of fundamental and clinical research on photodynamic therapy as a technique for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Annes extensive scientific training and background, together with her technical prowess and her care and sensitivity in liaising with an extensive range of other professionals, made her ideally fitted for the post.

Outside the University, Anne gave very generously of her time to a number of community activities. She was for many years closely involved with the Brownie movement, and was also instrumental in the setting up of Maternity Worldwide, a charity devoted to improving maternity care in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Anne was married to Professor Stan Brown, Yorkshire Cancer Research Professor and Director of the Centre. They have a son and a daughter, both of whom are doctors.

The funeral took place on 19 July and was attended by a number of Annes former colleagues, who will continue to mourn the loss of her estimable personal and professional qualities.