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Sally Dawson

We are very sorry to let members know that Dr Sally Dawson, Teaching Fellow in the School of English, died on 22 May.

Sally Dawson first came to Leeds as a student in 1973, graduating in 1977 with Joint Honours in English and French. She went on to read for an MA in English Literature, awarded with Distinction in 1978; later, she successfully completed a doctorate on the Australian novelist Patrick White.

From her student days, Sally showed a considerable affinity for Commonwealth literatures, and, having completed her MA, was appointed to a three-year lectureship in the School of English, in this subject area. Exploiting her considerable versatility, she chose to teach part-time in a number of institutions. In 1982, she began a long association with the Open University as an Associate Lecturer. She taught World Literatures in the Department of Extramural Studies at Leeds from 1981 to 1984, and French literature at Park Lane College from 1989 to 1991. Resuming her association with the School of English in 1990, she went on to teach a wide range of courses, extending from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. In 2000, she was also appointed as a part-time lecturer at Trinity and All Saints.

Ranging widely in terms of both content and chronology, Sallys teaching was imbued with her gifts of critical perception, balanced judgement, literary acumen and sensitivity. She was a warm and friendly personality, remarkably devoted to the pastoral care of her students among whom she was very popular, and she was greatly liked by her colleagues in the School.

Sally is survived by her husband, John, and their three children, William, Anna, and Edward.