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John S Crighton

Members will be sorry to hear of the death, on 27 November 2007, of Dr John S Crighton, former Lecturer in the Department of Textile Industries.

John Crighton gained a first class degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Liverpool in 1957, going on to explore through his PhD studies, also at Liverpool, the fascination with polymer chemistry which would come to dominate his long academic career. He joined the University in 1985, transferring following a highly successful eighteen-year career at the University of Bradford, after that institution closed its own Textiles Department. He brought with him an impressive international reputation in the field of polymer chemistry and a broad range of related interests in textile industries, research and teaching.

During the course of the ten years he spent at the University of Leeds, John Crightons reputation was consolidated through his personal and collaborative research: his work was followed particularly closely by peers in Japan and he contributed to and edited a number of international journals related to his field.

Sadly, failing health led to Johns early retirement from the University in 1995, but he continues to be remembered with respect and esteem.