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Gillian Sweeney

It is a very great sadness to have to report the sudden death, on 29 October 2007, of Mrs Gillian Sweeney.

Gillian had been a member of the Central Student Administration since 2001; she had previously worked in the private sector, including a spell with the sales force of the Yorkshire Evening Post. A member of the Accounts Receivable team, Gillians responsibilities were concerned principally with the administration and collection of student tuition fees. This brought her into frequent contact with students, parents and outside organisations. To all her dealings, Gillian brought energy, sensitivity and good judgement. She was an invaluable member of her team, who readily and cheerfully embraced new tasks and new technologies. On a personal level, her very warm-hearted personality and her ever-present sense of humour made her many friends within the office and beyond. Married to John, mother of Nicola and grandmother to Brandon, Gillian was devoted to her family.