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Betty Eales

Mrs Betty Eales died on 6 July 2012, at the age of 103.

Mrs Eales joined the University as Secretary to the Adviser to Overseas Students in 1957, a post she held until her retirement in 1974.  During that time, the number of overseas students rose from 440 to 1,200, with the number of countries from which they were drawn more than doubling.  Working for much of her time as the sole person in the office – the post of Adviser was a part-time one – Mrs Eales fulfilled her various duties, ranging from liaison with external agencies to the organisation of language courses and student parties, with considerable industry and skill.  She would leave no stone unturned in seeking to help ensure that the students coming within her ambit received whatever care and support they needed in order to enjoy their studies and their time in Leeds.

Throughout virtually the whole of her time in the University, Mrs Eales also provided essential clerical support for the Leeds Local Association of University Teachers (AUT).  Having assumed this responsibility when the then Adviser was one of the joint secretaries of the Local Association, she agreed to carry on after his period of office came to an end.  Her services in this capacity were much valued.

On the eve of her retirement, Mrs Eales became one of the organisers of the SCR Walking Club, which provided a further outlet for her skills as administrator and co-ordinator.

Mrs Eales is survived by her son, Ben.

The funeral took place on Tuesday 17 July 2012, with the flag being flown at half-mast on the Parkinson Building in memory of Mrs Eales.