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Milly Nettleton

Colleagues will be sorry to learn of the death, on 25 July 2020, of Milly Nettleton, former administrator in the Department of French and Joint Honours in Modern Languages.  The following tribute has been contributed by her friend and colleague, David Shaw.

Milly joined the secretarial staff in the Department of French in September 1990 and I had the privilege of knowing her for nearly 30 years. In 1998, when I was appointed head of a new department responsible for 'Joint Honours in Modern Languages' (i.e. degrees combining two languages), I chose Milly to lead the administrative staff.  The post was hugely demanding, involving the administrative welfare of around 300 students across some 20 degree programmes; aided by a staff of four. The new department turned out to be very successful, thanks largely to Milly. I couldn't have made a better choice.

She was quietly brilliant. No fuss: she simply got things done. She was equally good at helping students with the interesting range of problems that 300 young people might encounter when some were leaving home for the first time, and at turning her four colleagues into an efficient team. Always pleasant and approachable, she never got angry or upset. Faced with a problem, she would quietly consider all the options until she found the one that worked best.  

When off-duty, she and her late husband, Chris, were staunch supporters of the staff walking club.  Always good company, they came on many of the weekly walks and also joined us on some of the longer summer treks. Even when Milly had to give up day walks to look after Chris, she kept in touch by bringing him each year to the club's famous Christmas lunch in Linton.

Over three decades Milly was a real star, and it was a privilege to know her. Her family can take some comfort from the fact that, during her life, she made such a positive impact.

Milly retired from the University in 2009 after nineteen years’ service to the University.  The funeral service was held on 17 August.