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This page lists the University's obituaries for current or former members of staff who have died during the current year. If you wish to locate an obituary for an individual whose name is not listed on this page (or in the pages for previous years listed below), or if you have any queries relating to current obituary notices, please contact Helen Pickersgill for further information.

2021 (by publication date of the obituary)

Ann Pulleyn (13/01/21)
Bernard Shaw (28/01/21)
Ron Grigg (28/01/21)
John Ramsay (28/01/21)
Jeremy Toner (28/01/21)
Jay G Blumler (03/02/21)
Keith Parker (04/02/21)
Howard Bird (04/02/21)
Robert Unwin (09/02/21)
David Rex (12/02/21)
John Morison (26/02/21)
Justin Grossman (25/05/21)
David Wilson (25/05/21)
Kenneth Proctor (05/07/21)
Brian Sleeman (21/07/21)
Owen Hartley (18/08/21)
David Lindley (1/09/21)
Malcolm Bloor (2/09/21)
John Morrison (21/10/21)

Last updated: 14.3.2022 (CLLC)