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This page lists the University's obituaries for current or former members of staff who have died during the current year. If you wish to locate an obituary for an individual whose name is not listed on this page (or in the pages for previous years listed below), or if you have any queries relating to current obituary notices, please contact Helen Pickersgill for further information.

2017 (by publication date of the obituary)

13/11/2017 Robin Basker
31/10/2017 John Schwarzenbach
10/08/2017 Robert Bowes
28/07/2017 Gordon Forster
09/06/2017 Sandy Baker
07/06/2017 Stephen Morley
15/05/2017 Seán Scanlan
03/04/2017 Sheila Gosden
10/03/2017 Jonathan Stephenson
13/02/2017 Betty Wood
31/01/2017 Dianne Jones
19/01/2017 Zygmunt Bauman
06/01/2017 Lesley Backhouse

Last updated: 13 November 2017 (HJP)