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Guidance for Students: Complaints relating to strike action


The University aims to minimise the impact of the UCU action on the student experience and to ensure that we meet students’ reasonable expectations for delivery of their programmes of study. In particular: 

• Your School will let you know about the plans to deliver any missed learning opportunities. 

• It is not anticipated that there will be any impact on your assessments. If there is impact your School will let you know. 

What to do if you have any concerns

If you have a concern you are advised to discuss with your School what steps are being taken to support you. Information of who to contact in your School is available at:

Making a complaint 

If you remain dissatisfied with your School’s response to your concerns, you may choose to make a formal complaint. All complaints will be considered under the University Student Complaints Procedure. There is a form at the bottom of this page that you may find helpful to complete. Please send your complaint to

When making a complaint we will ask for the following information and it would be helpful for you to note this now.

  • • Which lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, practical sessions or other learning activities have been missed.
  • • What action your School has taken to minimise the impact and replace learning opportunities. 
  • • Details of communication from your School and timeframes you have given by your School regarding the replacement of learning opportunities. 
  • • If the opportunities are not accessible or will not meet your needs, why this is the case. 

Support to make a complaint 

If you would like independent advice on your position, we encourage you to contact Student Advice in the Leeds University Union. 

Further information and Guidance 

Please contact the Student Cases Team if you have any questions.  


Through the University's student complaints procedure, we aim to investigate and resolve — effectively, fairly and transparently — any concern raised by a registered undergraduate or postgraduate student. The procedure is used when concerns are expressed in relation to any of the following areas:

  • Academic provision
  • Deficiencies in the University's standards of service
  • Any failure to meet obligations
  • The quality of supervision or tuition
  • Any other issues affecting the quality of the student experience more generally

Students considering raising a complaint are encouraged, in the first instance, to approach a member of staff in the relevant School or Service. If you remain dissatisfied with the local response, or feel unable to resolve your complaint directly with the school or service concerned, you should put your concerns in writing to the University’s Complaints Officer, David Wardle, at

(If you require the document in an alternative, more accessible, format please contact the Student Cases team - see contact details below.)


Appeals against academic judgement (the outcome of degree examinations or assessments) and appeals against disciplinary decisions are covered by separate procedures — details of these processes are available on the Student Cases team webpage.

Admissions-related complaints are reviewed in accordance with the procedure set out in the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate (taught and research) admissions policies.


If you wish to make a complaint under the Procedure, please use the Student Complaint Form.

Further procedural advice in these areas can be obtained from the Student Cases team:

The Student Cases Team
The Secretariat


Last updated: 1.12.2021 (CLLC)