Sophie Randall

Without a scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to afford to study a Masters and I definitely wouldn’t be at Leeds right now. I started researching environment courses at Leeds, as loads of people recommended it and the faculty is ranked highly, and I found out about the Leeds Masters Scholarship scheme.

It was an easy process to apply for the Scholarship – I had to show that I met the financial criteria, explain why I wanted to study the course and how the scholarship would benefit me. The Scholarship was paid in instalments and I used it to pay towards my tuition fees and accommodation costs as I am living away from home.

There’s other funding that you can apply for once you’re here. I’m presenting at a conference later in the year with some students from my course and I’m going to apply for a Conference Award from the Leeds for Life Foundation. It will help with the cost and anyone can apply.

The University advertises lots of little jobs you can apply for that will fit around your studies – I work part time as a student ambassador for extra spending money. I’ve worked on open days and I help to run workshops and give children a tour of campus when schools visit which is great fun. It’s really good for professional development and it’s helped to improve my confidence too. Joblink is incredible for short term and temporary jobs that you don’t have to tie yourself down to every weekend.

I’m really good at managing money and keeping track of what’s coming in and going out. To keep costs down I go to the discounted sports sessions organised by the University, such as yoga, spin, kayaking and climbing. There’s a lot more funding out there for postgraduate students than people expect – just make sure you do your research get applying.

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