Syed Ali Sabtain

I chose Leeds because it is ranked in the top 100 for Life Sciences in the world, is in the top 20 in the UK and has a reputable faculty for my course and according to my friends, for their courses as well. It has some of the best facilities in the country, has a diverse student population (I have made some lovely friends from different corners of the world) and the course content is tailored in such a way that it covers a diverse range of topics. Also, the lecturers are researchers who, after lectures go back to research more on what they teach so be assured that you’ll be up to date on topics - this is what I like the most here.

Currently, I play football with my friends as part of a league here at Leeds and sometimes cricket as well. I’m also learning French and am part of some societies like our faculty’s society, LGBT, kickboxing and cricket. They have events all year round so I usually follow them. I also love going out to the movies with my friends on the weekends.

The city centre is like the heart of Leeds, truly dynamic and phenomenal. It has some good shopping areas, a great student population, some nice clubs and the nightlife revolves around that area. Also, as a biologist, I also like the Thackray Medical Museum here which is amazing as it’s one of the largest in the country.           

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