Victor Enendu

Academically speaking, the International Foundation was the perfect preparation for my Engineering degree. I found the Maths content we covered especially useful, as some of the most important concepts we need to know in our first year were not covered in my high school curriculum. Our Maths tutor was so good at explaining new concepts to us in a clear and easy to understand way. It really felt like the best preparation for my course.

Meeting and working with different groups of students from all over the world was a fantastic experience. I made lots of friends during my foundation year, and I’m still good friends with them now, I sometimes think about how far we have come since that first year!

I really loved my time at the University. The campus is a really friendly place, and it’s so convenient having everything all together in one place – the libraries, sports facilities, the academic schools, places to eat and drink – and if you stay in campus accommodation like me, everything is right on your doorstep!

I got involved in a number of different clubs and societies during my foundation year and was Sports Secretary and Vice President of the University Nigerian Students society. Not only was this a great way to meet new people and have fun, it also helped me in my teamwork and leadership skills.

If I had to describe Leeds, I’d say that first and foremost it is a student city – there are lots of students from all over the world studying and staying in the city. There are always new shops and cafes opening, and lots of things to do socially. It’s also not too big, and the people are very friendly and helpful too.

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