Eleanor Bowles

My main motivation for applying to intern at the Cultural Institute was to gain experience within an arts organisation which would aid me in deciding my future career goals.

My time spent here has definitely been beneficial towards that – the Institute has granted me opportunities to experience day-to-day work in a variety of areas. I’ve gained knowledge of administration, hosting events (both on- and off-campus), public engagement, communications, research development and further opportunities for students. 

As a Cultural Studies student I have found this position suits my academic interests, whilst also enabling me to network with professionals from the creative industries. I feel I have successfully developed my knowledge of potential career paths as well as my understanding of the different scales of organisations that exist. I’m looking forward to spending a week’s secondment with Opera North, a leading cultural organisation in the UK situated in the centre of Leeds.

I’m interested in cultural and social theory relating to creative output including film, music and art. During my internship I’ve seen interesting and unique ventures and opinions concerning these areas, due both to the interdisciplinary nature of the Cultural Institute’s work, and also by participating in events that showcase it. This is not only vital to my professional development but also benefits me personally, as I am actively engaged in the work around me. 

The team here is close-knit and very supportive, ideal when taking my first steps into the world of work; particularly on a career path that will have such a beneficial impact on my studies. My time here has solidified my decision to continue studying after graduating next year. I am grateful for the contact with diverse collaborations through my internship and feel encouraged to continue studying different aspects of culture and its role in society. I aim to secure a place on a Masters degree relating to a Liberal Arts based topic.

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