Sandeep Adinath Kinge

About me

I studied my Bachelor of Technology degree in Leather Technology at the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar in India. After graduating, I worked for a leather manufacturing company for 2 years where I developed an interest in environmentally friendly processes. I then decided to apply for a Master’s degree to learn more about this field. 

I started my career at Mott MacDonald in Mumbai where I luckily got to work on challenging projects in drainage, flooding and wastewater treatment. I then worked on advanced wastewater treatment based projects with Black & Veatch. After about 10 years of experience, I moved to Qatar to work on large infrastructure development projects for the FIFA 2022 in Qatar. After spending 4 great years in Qatar, I moved to my current job in Dubai with Jacobs. 

I am currently a Design Manager with my major responsibilities being to deliver infrastructure designs to private clients developing Theme Parks in Dubai. 

Choosing the University of Leeds

Whilst at Leeds I studied MSc Environmental Engineering and Project Management in the School of Civil Engineering and passed in 2006 with a Merit. This led me to my current Job Title of Design Manager in Jacobs, where my major responsibilities are to deliver infrastructure designs to private clients who are developing Theme Parks in Dubai. 

When choosing a university to study my Masters a number of reasons influenced me to pick the United Kingdom and subsequently the University of Leeds. 

I wanted to study at the University of Leeds because the university is well known internationally and the Faculty of Engineering was one of the top in the UK. 

I knew that Leeds was a student city as my friends had been studying there before I applied for the course. This meant that I was well informed about both the city of Leeds and the university, making my decision easier. 

Studying at the University of Leeds

I found there were many differences when studying in Leeds in comparison to studying my first degree in India. The cultural diversity at the University of Leeds was a great advantage to international students like myself. There were societies for every cultural group, where you could meet other international students who were going through similar experiences to you.

Another difference was the level of professionalism from the University in welcoming proceedings. The orientation and registration were very well organised and well managed. 

Throughout my studies, the modules were highly intense and challenging, making the satisfaction of passing even more rewarding. The facilities provided by the University of Leeds were second to none, especially the IT and library services.

All the professors I encountered were well qualified and had the relevant industrial exposure needed in this industry. The teaching methods were not just theoretical, instead we were equipped with the knowledge and skills that would be viable and applicable in the engineering market. 

At first I struggled with the assessment methods, as this was new to me however, once I got the hang of it, I realised that the process of assessing students the university used were essential to build a great sense of acumen in students.

Student support

I received excellent support when I first arrived in Leeds, from getting settled in the programme to opening a bank account, everyone was really helpful. Academically, I had sufficient number of books to choose from in the libraries and the professors were very approachable. There was support available at every step of life in the university if one needs any.

Student life

Leeds was and still is a lively place to live in. The campus was accessible to students 24/7 with great security to make students and staff feel safe. Though, I did not utilise the university accommodation, based on visits to my classmates I came to learn of the quality of them. They were exceptional with a great deal of opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people with sufficient privacy if needed. 

I was really fortunate as I had a number of my friends studying in the university, so I never felt alone or far removed from the Indian culture. There were also many events in the university and the city as well as an ‘Indian Students Association’ where there is a great Indian community.

Career support

The University’s career centre provided me with support when I was writing my CV, cover letters and helped me prepare for job interviews. I attended the career and recruitment fairs which helped me come to know about the various sections and companies in the field I want to go into. 

Skills that I learnt whilst at Leeds helps me to organise my work, work ethically, and focus on professional development whilst maintaining a work-life balance.

I also learnt academic skills like mind mapping, technical writing skills, paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism and referencing information. I also learnt transferable skills like team building, gaining international exposure, interpersonal communication and use of body language while speaking to people from different parts of the world; as well as everyday life skills like cooking.   

Recommendations and top tips

I would recommend Indian students to study at the University of Leeds because of the cultural diversity at the university. The courses are internationally recognised and the level of education standards are great. 

Going to university in a different country allows you to make friends from varied countries and diversified background and you learn to live independently whilst exploring the world.

Once you graduate you are still connected to the university with the engaged network of alumni. 

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