Ramiro Gonzalez Monroy


I was studying a BSc in Bio Medical Engineering at Universidade de Guadalajara in Mexico. I came to the University of Leeds in 2017 for a semester abroad and graduated in Mexico in 2018.

I currently work in Data science, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development.

Some tasks of my everyday tasks include the development of, prototypes using machine learning techniques, neural networks for predictive models and development of face recognition.

Choosing the University of Leeds:

When choosing where to do my semester abroad, I knew I wanted to study in the UK, as I had always been interested in British culture and wanted to learn more about it.

The first reason I chose to study at the University of Leeds, was because it was one of the top universities in the UK. Once I researched into the courses offered at Leeds, I saw the syllabus for Biomedical Technology and knew it would further advance the knowledge I had already attained in Mexico. I also had friends who studied at Leeds and they spoke really highly of their time there. It was because of this, I decided to spend my semester abroad at the University of Leeds.

Studying at the University of Leeds:

Even though I was only here for one semester, I was able to notice differences between teaching at my university in Guadalajara and the University of Leeds. In Mexico, we were given projects, presentations and end of year exams. Whereas, at Leeds I felt there was more of a focus on essays and exams at the end of each semester. Even though I preferred the examination process in Mexico, I saw the benefits of essays through the semester as it promoted independent research and ensured we understood what we learnt as we went along.

The lectures were recorded which came in useful for when you were doing essays or preparing for exams, something we did not have in Mexico. The facilities were top class, there were many libraries on campus which had any book you needed where the process to check out the book was quick and easy.

Student Support:

About a week or two before I was due to start my semester abroad in Leeds, I received an email from the study abroad office in the university which detailed top tips for living in Leeds. This was really helpful as it included key information about opening accounts, joining the medical practice and important contact details.

The university also organised a gathering for the students on the study abroad programme which allowed us to meet one another and to check that we were settling in well. The level of support the University of Leeds provides you with is amazing.

Student Life:

In 2017, the University of Leeds was announced University of the Year by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide and I was able to witness why first hand. As a university, they cover all the needs of a student, from academic life to student life. Facilities like the refectory and libraries were accessible and the researchers and professional staff were friendly and always available to help. I was surprised to find that there was a hairdressers, bank, pub and even a club in the campus union so we didn’t have to go far to have a good time.

Leeds isn’t a small city being the third largest in the UK, but as a student everything you need is around you. Wherever you need to go is around you and within walking distance.

Leeds offered a lot of different clubs and societies to join, led by other students. This meant the campus was always lively and there was always something do and be a part of.

I did not spend time with many Mexican students during my time at Leeds. In fact, it was not until my last few weeks in Leeds that I attended a traditional Mexican event that I joined and got submerged in the Mexican Society, who had organised the event.

Recommendations and Top Tips:

My semester abroad was one of the best experiences of my life, for that I am extremely thankful to the University of Leeds. I am definitely looking into coming back to Leeds to do a Master’s degree.

If you are considering studying abroad in Leeds, I would 100% say go for it!

Be yourself and enjoy every minute that you are there; it will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Go out and take advantage of all the tools the University of Leeds provide you and enjoy all the space the university and city has for you.

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