From Subjects to Citizens: Society and the Everyday State in India and Pakistan 1947 - 1964

Daniel Haines

Daniel Haines

This thesis, entitled 'The state and irrigation: the construction of barrage dams in twentieth-century Sindh, Pakistan', investigates the planning, construction and effects of three major irrigation projects in Sindh

The first dam was constructed under the British Raj, and the second two under the independent Pakistani state.  In each of these projects, a major barrage was built on the river Indus to provide an assured supply of water to the canal systems which irrigated nearly all the agriculture in the province. 

I contend that these projects represented the state's attempts to reinforce the power structures on which it rested, while simultaneously capturing greater political and financial control of the region.  The dominant ideology which motivated and legitimated this annexed the ideas of 'modernity' and 'development' to the state. 

The projects also represent significant continuity between the colonial and independent states' ideology and activities, and this thesis seeks to question the extent of change which really occurred after the transition from colonial to 'home' rule in 1947.