From Subjects to Citizens: Society and the Everyday State in India and Pakistan 1947 - 1964

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  • Dr. William Gould publications


    William Gould, Hindu Nationalism and the Language of Politics in Late Colonial India
    (Cambridge: Cambridge Univeristy Press, 2004)

    Referred contributions to journals

    Gould, William, ‘From Subjects to Citizens? Rationing, Refugees and the Publicity of Corruption over Independence in UP’ Modern Asian Studies Special Issue 'From Subjects to Citizens: Society and the Everyday State in India and Pakistan' (forthcoming).

    William Gould, ‘The Dual State: The Unruly Subordinate’, Caste, Community and Civil Service Recruitment in North India, 1930-1955. Journal of Historical Sociology, vol. 20(1-2), 2007, pp.13-43.

    William Gould, ‘Contesting ‘Secularism’ in Colonial and Postcolonial North India Between 1930 and 1950s’, Contemporary South Asia, vol. 14(4), 2005, pp.481-494.

    William Gould, ‘The U.P. Congress and ‘Hindu unity’: Untouchables and the Minority Question in the 1930s’ Modern Asian Studies, vol. 39(4), 2005, pp.845-60.

    William Gould, ‘Congress Radicals and Hindu Militancy: Sampurnanand and Purushottam Das Tandon in the Politics of the United Provinces, 1930-1947’ Modern Asian Studies vol. 36(3), 2002, pp.619-56.

    Other selected research outputs

    William Gould, ‘Sir Maurice Hallet’ Governor of Bihar and the United Provinces, India. The New Dictionary of National Biography, (Oxford, 2004).

    William Gould, ‘The Indian papers of the Rt. Hon. Charles John, Earl Canning Part 1: an introduction to the microfilm edition’, Records of the Raj (Microform academic publishers, Wakefield, 2006)

    Writing British Asian Cities’ research web resource. A resource which contains work in progress on South Asian diasporas in five UK cities – Bradford, Tower Hamlets London, Leicester, Birmingham, and Manchester.

    Research work in progress (including commisioned or other work in preparation)

    ‘Bureaucracy, ‘influence’ and the state in India, 1930 - 1960s’. Book contract secured with Routledge

    ‘Religion and Conflict in South Asia’ book contract secured with Cambridge Univeristy Press

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