From Subjects to Citizens: Society and the Everyday State in India and Pakistan 1947 - 1964

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    Name Designation Email Research Interests
    Rohit De Graduate Student, Department of History, Princeton University rohitde(at) As a lawyer and a historian I am interested in the transformation of law and legality through the 1940s to the 1960s. I am interested in the everyday life of the law as well as the world of legal elites (lawyers and judges).  
    Nadeem Amad Khan PhD Candidate, Nottingham University nadeemahmadk(at) Leadership in Pakistan
    Society and citizens of Pakistan
    Jahnavi Phalkey Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science, Georgia Institute of Technology jahnavi.phalkey(at) History of scientific practice and the transition of the Indian sub-continent.
    The questions that interest me are those of changing demographics of science departments and how partition may have affected their scientific practice.
    Anu Sabhlok Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali
    anu.sabhlok(at) Gandhi, gender, disaster relief, nationalism  
    Pallavi Raghavan PhD Student, University of Cambridge pr320(at) India Pakistan Relations, 1947- 1957  
    Eleanor Newbigin Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge ern20(at) Family law and social reform in the inter-war period, secularism, partition, citizenship- and nation-building in early post-colonial India  
    David Hall-Matthews Senior Lecturer in International Development, School of Politics and International Studies, Leeds University d.n.j.hall-matthews(at) Political economy; food security; food crisis response; poverty; international relations within South Asia; external perceptions of South Asia  
    Pallavi Chakravarty
    University Teaching Assistant/Phd Candidate, University of Delhi
    pal_phd(at) Post Partition Refugee Rehabilitation Studies in India  
    Dwayne Menezes PhD - International History, London School of Economics d.r.menezes(at) Indian nationalism, communalism, citizenship, South Kanara  
    Gurbachan Jandu Postgraduate Student, St Marys University College gorby.jandu(at)
    India, Migration and contemporary culture, identity in settled countries  
    Abhijit Sarkar Lecturer in the Department of History, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata myabhijit(at) 1. Political, social and cultural aspects of food and drinks and food policies in late colonial and post-colonial India, 2. The politics of subaltern studies, 3. Histories of castes in twentieth century India, 4.Gandhian studies.  
    Colin J Derrick Undergraduate Student, DeMontfort University,Leicester colinjderrick(at) I am researching the role of the Princely States both during the Transfer of Power negotiations and the period following Partition.  
    Razak Khan PhD Candidate, Department  of History & Cultural  Studies BGSMCS, Freie Universität, Berlin razak2006(at) 'Muslim' Princely states  and  Local  History  in South  Asia.
    Minority identity and category of Citizen in Post Colonial India
    Zaki Nahaboo PhD Candidate, Open University z.i.d.nahaboo(at) Political subjectivity, multiculturalism, post-colonial India, Gandhi  
    Anjali Bhardwaj PhD Student, University of Cambridge abd28(at)
    gender and Partition  
    Nazia Akhtar PhD Candidate, University of Western Ontario nakhtar(at)
    Gender, class, "communalism" in Partition literature from Hyderabad  
    Dr Thierry DiCOSTANZO Lecturer in English Studies, University of Strasbourg costanzo(at)
    Indian Journalism in English, Late colonial period, Idea of Pakistan, Indian Nationalism, Political autobiographies
    Feisal Khan Assistant Professor, Hobart & Wm. Smith Colleges, NY, USA khan(at) Current research focus is on the Pakistani experience with Islamic Banking and Finance; and a longstanding interest in the British Indian Army and the military history of Pakistan.  
    Mark James Fisher Undergraduate Student, De Montfort University, Leicester mjfis13(at)
    Partition of Punjab  
    Arudra Burra UCLA, School of Law burra(at) History of the Indian Civil Service in the 20th century; questions about colonial continuities in laws and other institutions across the 1947 divide
    Shumaila Shafiq Research Student, Area Study for Europe, Pakistan shumaila.shafiq1988(at) Indian political and economic history after independance  
    Unika Prusty Student, Hyderabad Central University unika.prusty(at) Indian Diaspora, Film Studies, Language  
    Taymiya Zaman Assistant Professor, University of San Fransisco trzaman(at) Mughal India, Pakistan and modern South Asia, Historical memory, Comparative Empires, Autobiography
    Ashutosh Kumar PhD Student, University of Delhi ashutoshkranti(at) Indentured Labour Migration from India to various British and French colonies, culture and everyday life under colonial plantation regime  
    Nayanika Mathur Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropolgy, University of Cambridge nm289(at) Everyday state in India, development bureaucracy, and corruption  
    Sadaf Sultan Khan MPhil/PhD Candidate, UCL Bartlett School of Graduate Studies
    sadaf.khan.11(at) The Muhajir community's space and politics in the province of Sindh, 1947 to the present  
    Mahvish Ahmad Former Visiting Faculty, LUMS
    "People's" history of Pakistan. Interested in uncovering the "other" demands also taking place in muslim majority provinces pre-partition, to historicize and contextualize e.g. current ethnic insurgency movements.
    Kuldeep Grewal

    Madhumita Saha Adjunct Fculty, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
    History of science and technology in postcolonial India, history of development, agriculture and environmental history
    Niladri Chatterjee Research Fellow, SOAS, University of London
    1. The Uprising/Rebellion of 1857. 2. Socio-Political History of Bengal in the 19th and 20th century. 3.Political Ecology and Environmental History of South Asia. 3. Notion of Nationalism in colonial South Asia.4. History of Rumour.5. Gandhi and the struggle for Indian Independence.

    Fakhar Bilal PhD Candidate, Lecturer in History, Dpartment of History, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
    Political Leadership and Political Parties of Pakistan, Bahawalpur State
    Jayita Sarkar PhD Candidate, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
    India's nuclear history, post-colonial statehood and science, India-France nuclear relationship
    Dinesh Kataria Research Scholar, University of Delhi
    partition and post partition nation state
    Imran Hussain Ranjha MPhil Scholar/Lecturer in History, Qauid-i-Azam University, Islamabad ranjhaone(at)
    Colonial Administration, British Raj in India

    Mushtaque Ali Abbasi PhD Scholar, Qauid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

    Politics of Sindh, One Unit, Partition issues
    Rahul Balley Managing Editor, Bheem Patrika (English Edition)
    Religion; Caste /untouchability; bonded labour  

    Lecturer, Jyothi Nivas College

    women and partition in twentieth century South Asian History
    Gayatri Rathore PhD Candidate, Sciences Po/CERI

    Everyday State, Muslim Minority identity, Discrimination, Citizenship