The Who Live at Leeds

The beginning - 14/02/70
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Live at Leeds again

The Who

"It was on February 14 1970 that The Who recorded their landmark Live At Leeds album in the hallowed 2,000 capacity Refectory. Thirty-six years later, with a little encouragement from me (a former Leeds Uni Ents Secretary), they were back to do it all over again. Only louder.

The (2006) gig itself was among the most magnificent I have ever seen, ending with a terrifying Won’t Get Fooled Again amid beams of blinding white light, Townshend leaping and slashing and windmilling those mighty power chords from his guitar, Daltrey whirling and snatching his flying microphone."
Andy Kershaw

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“I have never taken drugs but I think I now know what a ‘high’ must be like. Colleagues suggest that I will have calmed down by Christmas and I simply ask which Christmas?”
John Standerline, member of ents. team and student electrician at Live at Leeds 1970.

“Pete and Roger put on a hell of a show, better than 99% of the bands on the planet!”
Brian Lynch, fan who flew in from New York the morning of the gig.

“I thought they were awesome, the best gig I’ve ever been to”
Maria Burgon, age 15.


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