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Further Info - For Staff

Further Info - For Students

Posting to Discussions

The Discussion Board tool is for online discussions. A Discussion Board will contain one or more Discussion Forums. Within each forum there are 'threads' for each topic of discussion. This guide describes how to read and reply to posts.

Reading posts

Navigate to the relevant Discussion Forum. Your tutor may have provided a link to the whole Discussion Board or a particular forum.

The Discussion Board page has a list of all Forums and looks like this:

The Discussion Board page

Click on a Forum to enter it.

Once in a Forum you should see a page with one or more threads (a conversation on a particular topic). Click on the thread to see all the posts.

A Discussion Forum


If you can't see any existing threads, start your own (see the starting a thread section). If this is not possible, let the tutor know. They may need to change the Discussion Forum settings.

Replying to posts

You can reply to any post - the reply option appears by hovering your mouse over the post. If you would like to include a copy of the original post in your response, select Quote instead.

Replying to a post

Enter your message. Once finished click Submit.

Submit a post

Alternatively you can save a draft which cannot be seen by students. To do this, write the message as before and, when finished, click Save Draft. When you are ready to publish the post, hover your mouse over it and click the Edit button. Make any changes and then click Submit.

Starting a thread

Depending on the Discussion Board settings, students may be allowed to start a thread.

You should start a thread if you have a new topic for conversation. To start a thread, click on the Create Thread button.

Create a thread

The create thread page opens. In the Subject box type the name of the discussion thread that you want to create and enter text in the Message box. Once finished click Submit.

Collecting posts

You can select posts in a thread and put them all on one page. To do this, enter the thread and then tick the boxes next to the relevant posts. Click Message Actions and then Collect.

Collecting posts in a Forum

The posts selected will now appear on one page. From here you can print, reply to and sort posts.

You can also use the Collect option at Forum level, this allows you to view messages from multiple threads on one page.

Collecting posts across Forums

Other features

Replies to me

Keep up to date with Discussion Boards at forum level with the ‘Replies to me’ filter. Staff and students can see which threads contain replies that they have not yet read, clicking the icon will open the individual posts.

An example of the replies to me highlighting the number of replies


It's possible to search posts at Forum or Thread level. You'll see the search box towards the top right.

Searching a Forum

These features may have been enabled:


You may see a subscribe option in a Forum or Thread. Click on this button to receive an email when a new post is made:

Subscribe to a forum or thread

Flag posts

You can flag posts of importance (only you will see these flags). To do this, click the flag icon on the post.

Flag a post

Rate Posts

If this feature is enabled, you can rate posts through a 5 star system. To rate a post, open it and select the appropriate number of stars. You cannot rate your own posts.

Moderation of Posts

Your tutor may force moderation of posts. This means that your posts will not become available to other students until they have been checked by a designated person.