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Further Info - For Students

Your Enrolments

Use the enrolments box on Minerva home tab to view your Minerva enrolments.

Screenshot of the Modules and Organisations tool

If you have more than 10 enrolments use the Filtering or Paging functions to find the enrolments you need.


All of your modules will be listed in Minerva, but only available organisations will only appear in your list. You won't be able to access either until the instructor or leader has made the space available.


If you cannot see modules or do not have the access you need, please contact the Student Education Service representative in your School, if you don't have one contact the Banner super user orĀ Minerva Faculty Support contact who can arrange for Banner to be updated.

Reading Lists and Exam Papers

Where they exist you can access reading lists and past exam papers for each module. Click the appropriate icon next to the module title.

An example of the reading list and exam paper links


By default each time you access Minerva homepage you will see modules from the two most recent years, to see other modules, you can change your view to see everything:

Screenshot showing how to switch your view to see all modules ('Everything')

Any filtering applied to this page is saved across tabs but will reset the next time you access the page.


The module list can be sorted on any column. Click the column titles to apply sorting to that column.

Apply sorting using the column arrows from each column heading


Enter a search term to quickly find the module you are interested in. A module code or keyword is all you need.

Entering text in the Filter field to limit the results shown

Searches are reset when you move away from the home tab.


The paging functionality allows you to scroll through the module list using the first, previous, next and last buttons, or by selecting the page number.

Screenshot showing the Paging controls

As a default up to 10 modules are displayed per page, however you can increase this to a maximum of 50.

Use the Paging control to show more or less entries.