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File Naming Guidelines - Best practice

You should adopt a naming convention for all filenames you create in Minerva - for clarity, brevity and compatibility with all computer filesystems.

Good Practice Rationale
Keep your file and folder names short It is easier to locate it
Keeps file paths short for compatibility.
Make the name unique Avoids confusing duplicates
Only use the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _ (underscore), - (hyphen), and . (period) Spaces, brackets and other characters are not universally supported across file and operating systems.
When numbering similar types of files/folders try to anticipate maximum numbers If you think that you will use 100 files for example, it is better to use 001 instead of 01, otherwise lists of files will be difficult to order.
It is good practice to keep the directory structure between 3 - 5 levels Shallow directory structures are easier to manage

Recommended naming convention

We recommend CamelCase, where words are usually capitalised: 


CamelCase is highly readable while remaining broadly compatible with every file system.

Optional date naming/sorting convention

If you want to insert a date in your file name, use the format: YYYYMMDD, separated by a hyphen or underscore e.g.

Do not use spaces to separate fields.