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Guide for Instructors

Rollover is a process whereby we create new modules and copy as much content as possible into them from the previous version. All modules running in 2020/21 have now been rolled.

20/21 modules will use the module template to encourage a consistent student experience across the University. In your modules you will notice: subheaders to help organise content; the template menu items; guidelines for staff and pre-populated content for students. Read the module template guide to find out more.

How can I access my rolled modules?

On Minerva, change the display of modules to Showing: Everything to view the 2020/21 modules you are enrolled on. From September onwards 2020/21 modules will be displayed by default as part of the current academic year.

Further information on using the enrolments box can be found in the guide.

What content rolls over from module to module?

  • Items and attachments (e.g. Word documents, PowerPoints, PDFs, images etc)
  • Test/Survey content only (they will be available to instructors through the Control Panel but will not be deployed in the module)
  • Staff Information
  • External/Module links
  • Module Banner images
  • Menu items (unless they point to an item which cannot be copied – see list below)
  • Folder structures
  • Group structure and tool availability (no content/membership is copied)
  • Learning Units

What content doesn't roll over?

  • Announcements
  • TurnitinUK Assignments
  • Assignment (Blackboard tool)
  • Blogs, Journals and Wikis
  • Collaborate Recordings/Links
  • Discussion Board Forums/Postings
  • Grade Centre content (entries and results)
  • Gradescope links
  • Lecture Capture Recordings/Links
  • PebblePad
  • Podcasts
  • SCORM packages
  • Top Hat links

Why can’t everything be copied for me?

Interactive content and tools which rely on student input will not be copied to ensure students cannot see the last cohort of students’ data, and so that missing enrolment data doesn’t introduce confusing inconsistencies. Assignments and links to tests/surveys will not copy without significant technical issues or failures. You have to add this type of content again.

My module is empty or isn't there at all!

This could be one or more reasons:

  • If it's missing from your list, check with your School Office that you are attached to it on Banner (that's where your Minerva enrolments come from).
  • Modules can evolve and may be put through the module approval process again. It could be your module now has a new CRN (Course Reference Number) which means we cannot copy the content. If this is the case you can manually copy module content from the previous year's instance.
  • It's a new module. New modules can't have content from other modules copied into them because there's no 100% reliable method of determining what the appropriate source module is.
  • There was a problem. In rare circumstances a bug in Blackboard can cause module copies to fail. We usually know about these before you, but it could be taking some considerable time to unpick the muddle and copy your content over. If you can't find your module and there isn't any obvious reason, contact us and we'll check for you.

What about merged modules?

Merged modules can't be rolled. You should request a new version for 2020/21 stating the modules you wish to be merged via the IT Service Desk. Once merged you will need to manually copy module content from the previous year's instance and/or rebuild any content that can't be copied.

What about brand new modules?

New modules are a blank slate and will appear as an empty module area with a minimal module menu. If you have a 2020/21 module which is essentially the same as a 2018/19 module but has a different CRN, you can do a manual copy.

What happens to last year’s module?

At present we are keeping modules from 08/09 onwards in Minerva. Your old module will remain available to staff and students provided you keep the module available.

What happens to organisations in the new academic year?

Faculty & School

Faculty and School organisations are permanent organisations (so a new organisation will not be generated for the new academic year). Students are automatically enrolled on these based on their record in Banner (the student administration system), but bear in mind that students will only be enrolled onto their home school/faculty organisation. Staff are not enrolled automatically. If you need staff or additional students manually enrolled, read the guide on organisation enrolments.


Programme organisations are created yearly on request and include the year in the name (e.g. 201920). If, for example, you are currently using the organisation '201920 PROG BA English & French' you need to request a 2020/21 version for September. Otherwise new students will not be able to access the organisation. New instances of programme organisations can be generated on request by Minerva, see the guide on organisation types for further information.

Read our guide on how to copy content between organisations and contact your Faculty Minerva contact or the Minerva if you need assistance. Students are automatically enrolled on these based on their record in Banner (the student administration system). Staff are not enrolled automatically. If you need staff manually enrolled, read the guide on organisation enrolments.


Finally some people have requested bespoke organisations. These are permanent organisations which we have created manually - a new organisation is not generated for the new academic year. Enrolments are not connected to Banner so all enrolments need to be added manually. You may need help with this - make sure you read the guide on organisation enrolments

What happens to my module material in the content collection?

It depends where it is. Since Summer 2011, content added to modules is by default stored in a new corresponding area for the module in the "Module Content (courses) area" of the Content Collection. During rollover a brand new area will be created in the Content Collection for the 2020/21 instance of the module and linked 2018/19 content will be copied into it. The 2020/21 module links will then point to the copied content in the new 2020/21 content collection area. 2018/19 modules and content is untouched. Your 2020/21 students will have the required permissions to access the 2020/21 content. However, please bear in mind that any additional permissions you added to 2018/19 files are not copied during rollover.

If you have chosen to link to content stored in the UoL content (Institution) area of the Content Collection, content remains there and no copies are made during rollover. Your 2018/19 module and 2020/21 module will link to the same file. Permissions may need to be added.

I need help

Please contact your Faculty Support contact or the Minerva for help.

After rollover

What should I do when my new module appears?

  1. Ensure all your content has been copied for you, and where that wasn’t possible, create the content again in the new module.
  2. Check whether content should be removed (e.g. exam materials, out of date content).
  3. Check your module menu and content items - content may need to be moved/old menu items hidden in line with the new module template.
  4. Check module banners.
  5. Check your new content for factual inconsistencies (dates, references to semester etc).
  6. Check all adaptive release rules as many will need to be added again (e.g. availability of material by date/membership/grade centre item). Manage dates from one place using the date management tool.
  7. If you had any assessment items (Turnitin, Assignment), rebuild them for the new semester and redeploy Blackboard tests/surveys.
  8. If you were using any interactive content e.g. Wikis, Blogs, Discussion boards, you will need to rebuild them.
  9. Add members to Groups and edit Group descriptions as necessary.
  10. If you have made any modifications to the grade centre e.g. added a column, added an assignment external to Minerva, you will need to add them again if appropriate.
  11. Make the module available to students (and guests as appropriate) once you are satisfied it is ready.