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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is language learning software, provided free to all University of Leeds Staff and Students. It can be used on laptop, desktop or mobile devices.

To use Rosetta Stone you will need a connected microphone, and speakers or headphones. A language program has 5 levels and it will take you approximately 40 hours to complete a level, however there are options to take an extended curricula which could add a further 7 hours to each level. These timings are not precise though, as activities are self-paced.

Using Rosetta on a laptop/desktop

Rosetta Stone makes extensive use of audio and speech recognition. In addition to somewhere quiet and undisturbed to practice, you'll need some equipment before you start:

  • Headphones or speakers
  • A working microphone (a headset would be best, but an internal mic in your laptop will still work in a quiet environment)
  • A laptop or desktop PC with a working installation of Adobe Flash player.

At Leeds Rosetta Stone is always accessed via Minerva.

  1. On your laptop or desktop computer, navigate to Minerva at:
  2. On the Discover tab type Rosetta Stone in the search box, then select the appropriate link for staff or students.
    Rosetta Link
    • Students: The Languages for All page will open. In the Independent Language study section, click on Try a new Language in Rosetta Stone.
    • Staff: The Rosetta Stone interface will open automatically.

  3. The Rosetta Home page will open, click Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3.
    Rosetta Home interface
  4. For first time users, Rosetta will now conduct an automatic system check. You will also be asked to identify your gender to help configure the software's speech recognition functionality.
  5. Rosetta Stone requires Adobe Flash and will warn you if your browser doesn't have the plugin installed. Be aware most modern browsers now block flash from running automatically, so you may have to enable it.
    Example of browser notification to enable flash
    To enable Flash in any of the major browsers, see Adobe's guidance.
  6. If your software check passes you'll then be taken to the Rosetta Language Learning website where you can choose which language and level to start.
    Rosetta Language List
  7. Now you need to select which type of course you would like to take. There are descriptions in the interface with more information available on the Rosetta site.
  8. Your selected course will open, the course is divided into units (indicated by numbers). You can see an outline of the unit by clicking on Explore all activities for Unit 1 towards the bottom of the screen. If you have some experience of the language you have chosen, you can use the Reviews at the end of each lesson or the Milestone at the end of the unit to check if you need to do all units.


You must always access Rosetta via Minerva, because Minerva effectively vouches for you and tells Rosetta you are covered by the University's licence.

You will need to pick your language and level each time you enter Rosetta but it will remember your progress.

Using Rosetta on a mobile device

You can do all language training activities via the Rosetta app with the exception of writing and milestone activities.

You'll first need to install the Rosetta app for your device from the dedicated app store: Apple app store or Google Play.

  1. Go to the app store and search for 'Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone'.
  2. Install the app but DO NOT open it.
    Choose the Language
  3. In your mobile browser, go to Minerva:
  4. On the Home tab click on the Languages for All image.
    Rosetta Link
    • Students: The Languages for All page will open. In the Independent Language study section, click on Try a new Language in Rosetta Stone.
    • Staff: The Rosetta Stone interface will open automatically.

  5. On the Rosetta Stone webpage, select the link to 'Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3'.
  6. Rosetta Stone will now launch in the mobile app you installed. Do not click Get Started/Sign in, wait and you will be automatically signed in and Rosetta will open.
  7. Select the language you wish to learn.
    Choose the Language
  8. You'll now see the available units for the language you have chosen.
    Rosetta Mobile Unit Choice
  9. Click the unit you wish to do and you will see the lessons available.
    Rosetta Mobile Lesson Choice
  10. Click the lesson and then Start Learning to begin.
    Rosetta Mobile Begin Lesson
  11. Click pause (in the bottom right of the screen) if you want to review where you are in the lesson or wish to exit.


Your authentication on the mobile app will periodically time out. You cannot log in via the app; you must log into Minerva via your device's web browser. Rosetta should open on your most recent lesson and remember your progress.

Need help?

If you have trouble using Rosetta, they have help links within the interface:

Rosetta Help Link

Rosetta also have guidance on their website with a live chat option if you need immediate support. You can also email them via the website.

If you have trouble getting Rosetta to launch from Minerva/don't see the links, please contact the IT Service Desk.