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Blackboard assignments allow your students to submit files electronically for marking. The Assignment tool can accept one or more files of any file type.

Locate and add the assignment

Go to the area in your module where you want students to view and submit the assignment. Make sure Edit Mode is ON. Select Assessments and then Assignment.

Define the assignment properties

Give the assignment a name and add any instructions.

Screenshot of Assignment setup

Check and set options

You must add the points possible before continuing.

Screenshot of grade setting in assignment tool

The rest of the options on this page can be left as default, but you have the option to:

  • Attach a file
  • Add a due date/time
  • Add a rubric

Submission Details

  • Change the recipients of the assignment, so either individuals or groups can submit.
  • You can change the number of attempts allowed (the default is one attempt).

Grading Options

  • Anonymous Marking - Enabled for any new assignment (before students begin submitting). Note Anonymous marking is completely anonymous - you won't be able to see who has submitted by student ID for example. Once anonymous marking is switched off, it can't be enabled again.
  • Delegated marking - Have multiple markers for the same assignment. Staff with Instructor or Teaching Assistant privileges can then decide on the final grade for students and add additional feedback.
  • Screenshot of Anonymous and Delegated Grading options
  • Display of Grades - How grades are displayed in the Grade Centre and whether to show to students in My Grades.


  • Make the assignment available
  • Restrict the item by date/time
  • Turn on Tracking

The Assignment will be created with the availability setting on, so check that first before you submit.

There is contextual help available for all of the options at the top of the page.

Screenshot of contextual help

Once you have finished, click Submit.

Check and complete

You should now see the assignment in your module. Select the action link if you need to edit the assignment or change adaptive release/review/tracking settings.

Screenshot of complete assignment

You might at this point consider using a Student Preview account to test the assignment, however careful checking of the assignment settings should be sufficient.

Assignment receipt

Students now see a confirmation number online and receive an email. This confirmation number is stored in My Grades and can also be accessed via the submission point.

Staff can review receipts via the Grade Centre by clicking Reports then Submission Receipts.

Submission Receipts listed under Reports in the Grade Centre

Email reminders

Staff have the ability to send an email reminder to non-submitters for items in the Grade Centre.

Locate the appropriate column in the Grade Centre, select the action link to the right of it's name then click Send reminder.

Note this feature will not work with Turnitin submissions, use the Turnitin email non submitters function if you need to remind people to submit to Turnitin.

Send reminder example


For detailed advice on how to view and mark assignments, see the Grade Centre guide.