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The Performance Dashboard

What is the Performance Dashboard?

The Performance Dashboard gives you a view of user activity in a module/organisation. All enrolled users are listed, including staff roles.


Access the Performance Dashboard by going to the Control Panel, Evaluation and then Performance Dashboard:

How to find Performance Dashboard


The Performance Dashboard will look something like this:

Layout of dashboard

The Dashboard can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Information available

There is data about:

  • Users' access to the module
  • Review status (the number shows how many items have been reviewed, click the number for more information)
  • Adaptive Release (click the icon to see what items the user can see in the module)
  • Discussion Board (the number shows how many forums they have posted to, click the number for more information)
  • Retention Centre (shows the number of rules met, click the number for more information)
  • Grades (click for Grade Centre information)