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Grade Centre


Marks can be entered directly into the Grade Centre or uploaded by spreadsheet. Use the Needs Grading feature to view submissions one by one and mark.

Turnitin has different options for marking, see our Turnitin guidance for more information.

Enter grades directly

Grades can be entered directly into a cell: click on the cell, type in the score and then press Enter.

Upload grades by spreadsheet

The entire Grade Centre or a single column can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. To the top right of the Grade Centre is an Upload/Download option. Click this and select Download:

Download Grade Centre

Select options under Data as desired (those under Options/Save Location can usually be left as default). Note that if you select an individual column, you can also select to Include Comments for this Column. This means you will have an extra column which you can use to return a text comment of feedback to a student.

Data options

Once you have downloaded your spreadsheet it should open in Excel. Ensure you don't change the column/row structure or headings - just enter grades/comments in the appropriate cell. Once you have made changes as required, save in the orginal format and use the Upload/Download option to upload data back to the Grade Centre. Once you have uploaded the spreadsheet you will see a preview of what will be updated, check the preview and click Submit for the changes to take effect. We recommend that you keep a copy of the spreadsheet in case of any issues.

Needs Grading

The Needs Grading method is useful if you need to view work in the interface and mark.

When you have work that is available to mark, you'll see a Needs Grading link appear in the Grade Centre area of the Control Panel:

The Needs Grading link

You can click on a student's name for a specific submission, or you can click on the item name's action link and select Grade All Users - useful if you want to mark all submissions for one item.

Grade by item

What you see next depends on the tool. In the test tool you will see the answers given with a corresponding area for each mark. Typically a test will have a section at the end called Feedback to User (comments the student will see) and Grading Notes (comments staff on the module will see).

Enter any marks/feedback and then click Save and Next to save changes and see the next submission (if relevant).

Grade by item

In assignments, discussion boards, blogs, journals and wikis the interface is different. You will see the submission with an area for marks and feedback on the right:

Grade by item - assignment, blog, journal, wiki, discussion

There is a content editor option so you can format feedback and attach files:

Arrow to open feedback area

If you wish to enter notes for staff on the module, select Add Notes:

Arrow to open feedback area

After entering grades/feedback make sure you click Submit under the Grade/Feedback to save any changes.