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Grade Centre

Return marks/feedback to students

My Grades is the student view of the module Grade Centre. Following the August 2021 Minerva upgrade, students can always access My Grades for all of their modules and organisations via the Minerva Home page.

You can make My Grades available to students via the module as well, but remember even if you have not added a link or hidden a link to My Grades in your module/organisation, students will be able to access My Grades via the Home page.

Go to the My Grades and Feedback menu item, you should see a link to My Grades. Click the drop down menu next to My Grades. Select Edit. Ensure Available is set to Yes. Click Submit.

Change the availability of My Grades Select My Grades from tool list

By default, all Minerva marks will appear to students. Go to the Grade Centre to hide columns from students if you don't want them to see marks yet. Note that you may need to repeat this if more marked items are added.

Go to the Grade Centre via the link in the Control Panel:

Access the Grade Centre

Review the columns. Any which you are not happy for students to see as soon as they are marked need to be hidden from students. Typically this would be for tests/assignments which are manually marked. Turnitin columns need to be hidden unless they are anonymous. To hide a column from students, select the drop down menu next to the column header and then select Hide from Students (on/off).

Show/hide column

Once you've done this you should notice a no entry sign appear in the column header:

A column hidden from students

You may also wish to hide any Total columns as otherwise students could calculate their marks (the Total column includes marks from columns which are hidden to users). Hide the default Total column by selecting the column header's drop down menu and Edit Column Information:

Editing the total column

Ensure Show this Column to Students is set to No and remember to Submit your changes.

Hiding the total column

When you want students to see the column you will need to change the columns back.

Watch our demo on how to hide grade centre columns.

For most Grade Centre columns, you can show statistics (average and median) for the column to students in My Grades. To do this, click on the relevant column header in the Grade Centre and Edit Column Information:

Editing a column

Under Options, switch the setting Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades to Yes. Click Submit to keep your changes.

Selection average and median

Repeat for all columns as necessary.

In the Grade Centre you can check which Grade Centre columns students can see in My Grades by going to Manage, Smart Views:

Smart views link

On the Smart View page, click on the Preview My Grades link. This will show you the columns which students can view in My Grades.

Watch our demo of My Grades to see the student experience of visiting My Grades.