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Grade Centre

Organise Grade Centre Columns

You can change the order of columns, hide columns from the tutors' view and select which are frozen (frozen columns are grey and always appear on the left when you scroll to the right).

Go to the Full Grade Centre, then click Manage and then Column Organisation:

Full Grade Centre link
Column Organisation Option

Change the order by dragging the rows with your mouse. Anything above the grey bar is a frozen column.

Drag to change order

You can also hide columns from the tutors' view of the Grade Centre. Select rows as required, then select Show/Hide, Hide Selected Column.

Hiding columns

Make sure you Submit the changes.

You can see various options for individual columns if you click the column's action link:

Drop down menu

From this link (depending on the type of column) you can:

  • View Quick Column Information
  • Edit Column Information (such as due date, category, name)
  • View Column statistics (depending on column type you may see student status/grade distribution)
  • Show/Hide to users (hides the column from My Grades - users refers to students or in Organisations, participants)
  • Sort Ascending
  • Sort Descending
  • Hide column (this removes the column from the tutor view but students can still see it)

There may also be options to view/mark the assessment.