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The Homework assignment type within Gradescope can be used to create an assessment that supports the submission of an entirely handwritten response. You can also add a time limit.

Creating a Homework Assignment

Click Assignments in the left hand menu, then Create Assignment. Screenshot of Gradescope dashboard

You will see 5 options for the type of assignment. Select Homework/Problem Set, then Next.

Give the assignment a clear title, and set a Release Date and Due Date. Students will be able to resubmit their paper at any time until the due date. If necessary, you can enforce a time limit that will give students a set time to complete and submit their paper. Keep the submission type as Variable Length.

The Template section requires you to upload the question sheet that you intend on giving to students to work from. This must be saved and uploaded as a PDF file.

Screenshot of homework assignment settings

Click Create Assignment.

You can now start building your assignment outline, which will load on the next screen. The outline will create the structure for the assignment and will enable students to tell Gradescope which questions their answers belong to when they submit. It will also form the basis of your rubric when marking submissions.

Screenshot of homework outline creation

Use the grey + icon to create each question according to your template (question sheet provided to students), and assign a points value. You can also add sub-questions (e.g. if your questions have several parts) using the green + icon.

Click Save Outline once you’ve finished.

How do students submit their work?

Students will click on the Gradescope link added to the module, which will launch the tool. If multiple assignments have been created for the module with the same release date, please note that students will see all of these listed.

Screenshot of released homework assignment

Students must click on the assignment name in order for it to launch.

Using either a scan or photos, students will need to upload their handwritten response and tell Gradescope on which page they have answered each question. Once they’ve uploaded their file(s), they will load in a new page. Here, the students will match the question numbers to their answers. Once they are finished, they click to submit their paper at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of homework answer selection

It is advised that students use a recommended scanning app on their device to create a PDF file to submit. Gradescope provides advice about this on their website.

Students will be able to resubmit their answers until the deadline.

Tutorial Video

The following screencast shows how to create a Homework assignment