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Online Assignment

The Online Assignment within Gradescope can be used to create a time-limited exam that supports various question types including MCQs.

Creating an Online Assignment

Select Assignments in the left-hand menu, then Create Assignment.

Screenshot of the Gradescope dashboard

You will see 5 options for the type of assignment. Select Online Assignment, then Next.

Give the assignment an appropriate title under Assignment Name, then set a Release Date and Due Date that allow for a 48 hour submission period. You must also select Enforce Time Limit and enter the time limit in minutes. Once a student launches the assignment, the countdown timer will begin.

Screenshot of the Assignment Settings panel

Once you have filled in the information above, select Create Assignment.

Adding Questions to your Assignment

You can now start building your questions and answers from the following question types:

  • Short answer (graded automatically, sensitive to correct spelling)
  • Free response (typed free text response, must be graded individually)
  • Multiple choice (graded automatically)
  • Select all (supports ‘select all that apply’ from a list, graded automatically)
  • File upload (supports image or PDF upload of a diagram or handwritten response, must be graded individually)

You can read more about each question type and how to create them on the Gradescope website.

Question 1 will appear on screen by default with options to add further questions below.

Select Insert Field to select a question type. This will populate the Problem box with a template to add your question and the answer where appropriate. You can also adjust the amount of points awarded, which will be 1 by default.

Screenshot showing Edit Assignment panel

To continue building your paper, you can add a subquestion or add new question. All questions added will appear as a preview in the right hand column.

Select Save after adding each question.

How do Students Start the Exam?

For students to access the assessment, they will need to select the Gradescope link that you added to the Minerva module. If multiple assignments have been created for the module with the same release date, please note that students will see all of these listed.

Screenshot of the student assignment link

Students must select the assignment name to launch the assessment.

Starting a Timed Online Assignment

After selecting the link, the students will see how long they have to complete the exam. They are also given a recommended time to start – this ensures they have the full time available to them.

Screenshot of the Start Assignment panel

The timer will start as soon as the student selects Start Assignment. Responses will be autosaved during their time completing the test. When they are satisfied with their answers, they will get a chance to review these before selecting Submit Assignment. Resubmissions are accepted until the time expires.

Starting a Non-timed Online Assignment

Students must click on the assignment name in order for it to launch. If a timer isn’t applied in the assignment settings, the paper will launch without the need to click Start Assignment.

Students must click Submit Answer for each response as there is no auto-save function applied when an Online Assignment is not timed.

Screenshot of the file upload question

Students will be able to resubmit their answers until the due date.

Tutorial Video

The following video shows how to create a timed Online Assignment.