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Publishing Results

Unlike Turnitin, Gradescope does not have a ‘Post Date’. The release of marks to students and sending them back to Blackboard are manual processes.

Once grading is complete, click Review Grades from the left hand menu. The interface will provide statistics and information on all the students, their marks and the overall assignment performance.

The bottom toolbar allows you to control the release of marks. Providing the marks to the students in Gradescope (Publish Grades) and sending the marks back to Blackboard Grade Centre (Post Grades to Blackboard) are TWO different things. Both are controlled by the toolbar options.

Linking to the Grade Centre

Firstly, you will need to manually create a Grade Centre column.

Go to your Minerva module and open Grade Centre from the Module Management menu. At the top of the screen, select Create Column.

Screenshot of the Grade Centre

Change the column title to match the assignment name, and adjust the Points Possible to reflect your exam. Click Submit.

You must now create a link for your column within Gradescope that will send the grades back to the Grade Centre.

Launch Gradescope from the module, and then click on the assignment. If you have finished grading your papers, this will launch Review Grades.

Click Post Grades to Blackboard.

Screenshot of Review Grades toolbar

This will open a new box with the option to link your assignment. You will see that there is currently no Blackboard assignment linked. Click edit.

Screenshot of linked Blackboard assignment

A new box will load with a dropdown list allowing you to select a Grade Centre column from within your module. Select the manual column that you have just created and click Link Assignment.

Screenshot of selected assignment

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.

Back on the Review Grades screen, click on Post Grades to Blackboard again. You should now see that there is a linked Blackboard assignment. Now click Post Grades.

Screenshot of post grades

Finally, click Publish Grades.