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Top Hat

Top Hat is an online assessment and polling tool, integrated with Minerva. Top Hat is integrated to allow syncing of Minerva module rosters and can send grades back to Minerva.

To begin using Top Hat, staff must have created a Professor account and course in the Top Hat website: Instructors will need one Top Hat course for each Minerva module synced.

It is recommended you use the Minerva structure to name your course in Top Hat:

Year(Term) Subject Code/Module Code Module Name

E.g. 18/19 (02) CHEM1240 Fundamental Inorganic Chemistry

Staff must work through the following two steps:

  1. Set up a link from your module
  2. Sync your students from Minerva to Top Hat

Staff are only required to do this process once for each module they wish to sync.

1. Set up a link from your module in Minerva

Top Hat will be accessed from your Minerva module by users via the link that you are about to create. Please ensure Minerva is in Edit mode.

  • In Edit mode select Add Content from the content types menu and select Top Hat.

    Add Content Top Hat

  • You need to add a name and description for your Top Hat item, these need to be something sensible that is meaningful to you and your students. Students will use this link to access all of the Top Hat tools in your Minerva module, e.g. surveys, quizzes, discussions so the name must be generic:

  • Add name and description Top Hat

  • Complete the remaining settings:

  • Setting in Top Hat

    • Do not set points (Top Hat has its own points settings)
    • Select Visible to Students to ensure students can see the link.
    • Do not set an end date (Top Hat has its own end date settings).
    • Only set adaptive release options if absolutely necessary.
  • Press Submit.

    The Top Hat link will now be available for use by yourself and students enrolled on your module. Students are required to create a student user account.

  • Click on your Top Hat link, you should be taken straight to the CONNECT YOUR COURSES option (below).

    If not, please sign in to your Top Hat Professor account (using your University of Leeds credentials).

  • Connect your courses Top Hat

  • Select the Top Hat course you want to link to your module area in Minerva (modules for 19/20 will probably be at the bottom of the list), and click Connect. You should then be taken to the relevant Top Hat course page, and be presented with the following message:

  • Account successfully linked Top Hat

2. Sync your students from Minerva to Top Hat

Linking module to Top Hat description

  • From the YOUR COURSES page in Top Hat select the course you are syncing.

  • Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and click the downward-pointing chevron. This should present you with the following drop-down menu.

  • Course Settings Top Hat

  • Select Course Settings, and then click LMS Setup & Sync from within the course setting menu:

  • LMS Setup and Sync Top Hat

  • Under the LMS Sync heading, click the Run LMS sync button; this will import the students from Minerva.

  • Run LMS Sync Top Hat

  • If you receive the following error message the link to Minerva has timed out, please log out of Minerva, clear your browser cookies and log back in to the module in Minerva. Then click the Top Hat link.

  • Timed out error message Top Hat

  • If you are using Top Hat for a number of modules, you will need to follow all of these steps (1 to 2) to make the tool available in Minerva, add a placement link and authenticate each of your Top Hat courses with its corresponding Minerva module.

Help and Support

Read the user guidance on the IT website and contact the IT Service Desk for support on Top Hat.

Contact your Faculty Learning Technologists Team, Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) or Digital Education Systems, for further information or support.