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Making the Most of Turnitin LTI & Feedback Studio

Turnitin and Feedback Studio are powerful pieces of software that can appear complex at first. We have created a series of guides to walkthrough all of the settings.

Turnitin in its simplest form will accept online submissions for students.

Turnitin also contains Feedback Studio which is used for online marking, and PeerMark which allows students to review peers' submissions.

The Getting Started guide covers exactly how Turnitin works, what you can do with your Minerva role and the features explained in full.

Next Steps:

Read the guide: Getting Started

Time to review: 10 minutes

Before students can submit to Turnitin, a Turnitin Assignment area needs to be created by a staff member. This can be complicated and our best practice guide will help steer you through the large amount of settings.

We recommend that you review the guide and practice adding an Assignment area at this stage.

Next Steps:

Read the guide: Turnitin Setup

Set up an Assignment area using the relevant method

Time to review: 20-25 minutes

Feedback Studio is the tool provided by Turnitin for marking submissions online.

All submissions are marked through the Turnitin inbox and you can even provide student feedback without a submission. The feedback tool has built in quick comments, in line comments, highlights, rubrics, audio feedback plus much more.

Next Steps:

Read the guide: Feedback Studio - follow the links in the right hand menu to access all of the Feedback Studio pages.

Use the Feedback Studio demo paper to try out online marking.

Time to review: 45-60 minutes

These guides are very detailed and will take a significant amount of time to work through.

The Turnitin system checks every submission for plagiarism and provides an orginality report. This report can be viewed from the assignment inbox and from each individual student submission.

It is standard practice that students do not get to see their originality report.

The University issues guidance on using Turnitin to support plagiarism detection.

Next Steps:

Policy for using Turnitin to support plagiarism detection

Interpreting Originality Reports

Time to review: 20 minutes

Marking can be done on the go through the iPad Turnitin app.

The app has all the same functionality as Feedback Studio and also has the ability for offline marking.

Next Steps:

Download the app (iPad only)

Read the guide: Marking with the App.

Time to review: 20 minutes

The Administration guide covers the common queries for admin staff after the inbox has been created and submissions have been made.

This guide contains information about downloading papers, emailing non-submitters and syncing the class list

Next Steps:

Read the guide: Administration.

Time to review: 5 minutes

PeerMark is a tool that allows students to review, grade and add comments to fellow students' submissions.

Next Steps:

Read the guide: PeerMark

Time to review: 10 minutes