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Turnitin LTI - Administration

See who has submitted and download student papers via the Turnitin Assignment inbox.

Where is the Turnitin Assignment inbox?

Click on the submission point for the Turnitin assignment. For staff, this opens up the Turnitin inbox for that assignment.

The Turnitin Assignment inbox

Roster synchronisation (Refresh Inbox Data)

Sometimes students do not appear in the Turnitin inbox automatically. Whilst in the inbox, click on the Refresh Inbox Data icon to add them.

Turnitin refresh inbox data icon

Emailing non-submitters

This functionality is no longer possible via the Turnitin interface. Instead, Grade Centre functionality can be used. Go to the module's Control Panel, click on Grade Centre and then Full Grade Centre.

Find the column for the Turnitin assignment, click the column's drop down menu and then 'Send Reminder'. This will send an email to students who have not submitted, reminding them that they have an assignment due. It is not possible to change the text of the reminder.

Send reminder link

Downloading Papers

Downloading papers can be done in bulk or individually. To download papers:

  1. Go to the Turnitin inbox after the deadline and click the select button next to the paper or the select all button in the top left hand corner of the inbox.
  2. Selecting papers
  3. Click on the download all button in the top right of the inbox. Choose whether you want the original file or the PDF version.
  4. Download original format
  5. The download process will begin immediately but it may take several minutes before the zip folder is downloaded.

Deleting Submissions

Papers can be deleted individually. Deleting submissions is permanent. To delete the submissions:

  1. Go to the Turnitin inbox and click ... next to the paper you wish to delete.
  2. Selecting papers
  3. Select the delete option.
  4. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the paper.
  5. Delete