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The Glossary tool allows instructors to add terms with definitions, listed in alphabetical order.

Create Terms

From the Control Panel click Module Tools, then select Glossary.

Glossary under Module Tools in the Control Panel

You can create individual terms or upload your own glossary built in Excel.

To create individual terms, click Create Term.

The Glossary page with Create Term listed

Enter the Term and Definition then click Submit.

Adding a Glossary term

Upload Glossary

You can create your own glossary in Excel which can be uploaded to a module/organisation.

Add each term to column A and the corresponding definition to column B.

Glossary terms and definitions in Excel

Then Save As CSV (Comma delimited) to your computer.

Excel save dialog

From the Upload/Download action link select Upload Glossary.

Upload Glossary is selected

Browse for the file you want to add and click Submit.

View, Change & Download


Terms and definitions are displayed in alphabetical order with links to each section at the top of the page.

Terms displayed in alphabetical order

Change Single Terms

You can Edit or Delete a single term using the action link next to the term.

The options to Edit and Delete

When editing click Submit to confirm any changes.

Change Multiple Terms

To add multiple terms or overwrite the glossary go to the Upload/Download action link and select Upload Glossary.

Upload Glossary is selected

Select the file you want to add then choose whether to Add the Terms in this file to the Glossary (if a term appears in both the existing Glossary and the uploaded file, the term in the file replaces the term in the existing Glossary) or Delete and Replace (this will delete everything in the existing Glossary).

Now click Submit.


From the Upload/Download action link select Download Glossary.

Download Glossary is selected

To download your file in Excel format (.xls) click Download.

Student Access

To make the Glossary available to your students you will need to add it to the module/organisation menu.

Select the + icon at the top left of the menu, then click Tool Link.

Enter a relevant name and select Glossary from the dropdown menu, then select Available to Users.

Now click Submit.

The Glossary Tool Link being added to the Module Menu