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Add Image

The Add Image functionality allows you to quickly add images to your module/organisation content areas.

For information on whether you have the right to use an image, and on finding images to use see the images section of the copyright guide.

Step 1

Add Image

  • Navigate to the area in Minerva where you want students to view the image
  • Ensure that Edit Mode is switched ON from the top right of the screen, if it isn’t already
  • Select the Add Content action link and click Image
Add Content > File dropdown

Step 2

Select file

  • Find File - You can add a file stored on your PC by clicking Browse My Computer
  • Name - Enter a name for the file (this is required)
  • Colour of Name - You can use the picker to alter the text colour
  • Open in New Window - Select Yes if you would like the file to open in a new window
  • Alt Text - Add some descriptive text about the image
  • Long Description – If relevant you can enter a longer description
Select image file options

Step 3

Image Options

  • Dimensions – Leave the image at its Original size or use the Custom feature to resize it
  • Border – You can add a border from 1-4 pixels
  • Image Target URL – If linking to an image add a hyperlink
  • Open Target in New Window – Select Yes if you would like the hyperlink to open in a new window
List of image options

Step 4

Standard Options

  • Permit Users to View this Content - You can make the content available immediately, or select No if you wish to work on the item and release it at a later date
  • Track Number of Views - This records who and when the item was accessed
  • Select Date and Time Restrictions - You can display the item after and until a specific date and time*


If you have added any date and time restrictions or the made the image unavailable it can be viewed by switching Edit Mode ON from the top right of the screen.

Click Submit to add the image.

It is also possible to add images using the Content Editor.