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Lecture Capture

Link to recordings

Once published you can add links to individual recordings made in the Lecture Capture system within your Minerva modules.

First, ensure you have linked your recording to the appropriate module area in Minerva following the guidance on the IT Website.

Add Link

  • From the module/organisation menu, navigate to the appropriate content area, i.e.; Learning Resources.
  • Select the Add Content action link and click Embed > Mediasite - Link to presentation(s).

Shared folders with module code highlighted


All automated lecture recordings will include the module code, date, time and location of the recording. You can search using any of these terms. Enter your search term(s) and click Search Presentations.

In this example we have searched by module code and date. If the search returns multiple results, and you are unsure which is the correct recording, select the + icon to the left of the name which will display a thumbnail image of the recording.

Search results screen with video selected and additional information box open

Select the checkbox(es) for your required recording(s), click Submit and then OK.

Recordings will be linked in the content area, and can be played by clicking the name.

An example link to a Lecture Capture recording and video image thumbnail in a module

Adaptive release

You can release recordings to students in a timely manner using adaptive release, or restrict access to the recording until another item has been reviewed. Further information can be found in the guide.


If your module has several recordings you may want to consider tagging them to organise and aid discovery when searching for and linking to in a module. Example tags could include the recording theme/content, teaching week, semester or presenter name.

Module recordings can be accessed via the Control Panel > Module Tools > Module Media, or from the My Media icon on the Minerva toolbar.

Module Media highlighted in the Control Panel

From the Mediasite pane select the shared folders link for that module e.g. 201819_00000_LCTS0001.

Shared folders with module code highlighted

Select the relevant recording name.

In the Mediasite window locate the appropriate recording and select the recording title.

A box will open. Click Edit Details and scroll to the bottom of the box.

The video thumbnail highlighted

Add a tag to the tags box, then hit the enter key to confirm.

Tagging box with three tags added: semester 1, week 1 and introduction

Subsequent tags can be added by repeating this method. They can be removed by selecting the X next to the relevant tag.

Click Save confirm the change.

The edit window with Save highlighted

You can now seach based on the criteria you have added, in addition to the existing information in the recording title.

e.g. LCTST1000 week 1

Personal Capture

If you have made Personal Capture recordings using the desktop capture software, they can also be linked using the search option.

Personal Captures aren't automatically associated to a module catalogue but can be linked in module content areas using the search. Unlike automated Lecture Capture recordings they aren't automatically assigned a title, therefore it is important to remember the this when searching for a Personal Capture you intend to link in a module.

Information on how to link your desktop recording to Minerva.

Further information and guidance