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Adding External Links

There are two types of links which can be added to a module or organisation, these are External and Module/Organisation links

Disambiguation: This guide explains how to add an 'External' link to the World Wide Web (external to Blackboard). See the Module links guide for further information and instructions on how to add a Module/Organisation link to content within Blackboard.

An External link is a shortcut to a web resource (e.g.

Step 1

To add an External Link:

  • Navigate to the area in Minerva where you want students to view the link.
  • Ensure that Edit Mode is switched ON from the top right of the screen, if it isn’t already.
  • Select Add Content and click External Link.
Add Content > File dropdown

Step 2

Add the external link information:

  • In the Name field, Give the link a meaningful name (this is required).
  • In the URL field, Add the URL (in full, including the 'https://' or 'https://' scheme), like this:
  • Give the link a description, if required
  • Add an attachment, if you need to (See the Add Content guide for more information.)

Step 3

Set the remaining options:

  • Open in New Window - Leave this option as Yes if you would like the link to open in a new window.*
  • Permit Users to View this Content - You can make the content available immediately, or select No if you wish to work on the item and release it at a later date.


Where possible we recommend that you open the link in a new window, to prevent unnecessary security warnings.

  • Track number of views - This records who and when the item was accessed.
  • Select date and time restrictions * - Unfortunately there is an issue with typing in dates/times, please use the date and time picker instead.


If you have added any date and time restrictions or made the link unavailable it can be viewed by switching Edit Mode ON from the top right of the screen.

Click Submit to add the link.