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Podcasts are audio files that allow students to listen to content on the go. They are simple to create and add within your module/organisation area.

Create a Podcast

Podcasts should be created away from Minerva and saved in MP3 format.

Adding a Podcast

  • From the module/organisation menu click on the relevant Content Area e.g. Learning Resources
  • Ensure that Edit Mode is switched ON from the top right of the screen, if it isn’t already
  • Select the Tools action link and click Podcast Episode
Podcasts listed in the Tools menu

Episode Information

Add a Title, and a Description that students will see.

Podcast Media

Navigate to the MP3 file on your local PC or from the Content Collection. For more information on the Content Collection, see the Content Collection guide.


  • Select the podcast availability and enter any date and time restrictions
  • Click Submit to upload the podcast


To listen to the Podcast you can click the play button or play link. The podcast may take a few seconds to buffer depending on the length and strength of internet connection.

Example Podcasts Link

Finding your file

Once your podcast has been uploaded, the source file will be stored in the module Content Collection. It can be accessed by following these steps:

  • Select Minerva Files option from the module Control Panel
  • Select the module ID e.g. 201819_00000_TEST0000 from Minerva Files options
  • The module content collection will contain a podcasts folder that will contain all of your uploads

Podcasts in the Content Collection