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Staff profiles

Staff profiles allow you to add contact information for staff in your modules/organisations.

Adding profiles

Select the Staff Information menu item from your module/organisation menu.

If you don't want to add a folder skip the step below and move to 'Add a profile'.

Add a folder

Folders can be used to organise profiles. 


If you intend to use folders they must be added before creating any staff profile(s) as existing profiles can't be copied/move.

Click the Add Folder button, then either use one of the prescribed titles from the dropdown list or enter your own.

The Add Folder button in the Staff Information page

Once finished click Submit.

Add a profile to the folder by selecting it from the Staff Information page and then follow the steps below.

Add a profile

Click the Create Contact button.

The Create Contact button in the Staff Information page

Profile Information

In the add profile page you can enter personal information including:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (mandatory)
  • Work Phone
  • Office Location
  • Office Hours
  • Notes


  • Make the Profile available - As a default profiles you create will be unavailable to students, if you wish to make the profile available select Yes
  • Attach Image - To attach a personal image select the Browse button, find your image, select the image and click Open. It is recommended that your image is 150x150 pixels
Profile options with the Browse button highlighted The file upload window with the Open button highlighted

Personal link - You can add a link to a website of your choice (this could be your personal, Faculty or School webpage).

Click Submit to add the profile.