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This tool allows Instructors to create a list of tasks associated to a module.

Tasks can be set as low, normal or high priority. Students can then view the tasks for the module and set a status e.g. in progress, completed. This tool is also available within Groups allowing students to create tasks at a group level.

Add Tool Link

Add tasks to the menu by clicking and then Add Tool Link:

Add Menu item list with Tool Link highlighted

Select tasks from the drop down list, enter a Name and select Available to Users. Then click Submit.

Add Tool Link menu with Tasks and Available to Users selected

Add Tasks

Go to the module menu item. Click Create Module Task.

Enter a name, description, due date and priority. Then click Submit.

The task is now created and will appear on the Tasks page for students to view, start and complete. If you make a mistake, you can edit the task via the drop down menu:

Create Module Task button in the Tasks page

Task Status

You can ask students to update the status of the tasks. Then if you click on the hyperlinked task name you will see a list of who has started/completed the it:

List of enrolled users and task completion status