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Ten things

Ten tasks, ten minutes each, ten ways to improve your module.

Remember, you'll need edit mode on to complete these tasks (the toggle is in the top right of the page): Edit mode on/off

Welcome your students

Announcements are the first thing students see when they go to your module and they also appear on the home page of Minerva. There's also an option to email announcements.

Time to achieve: 5 minutes

Click on the menu item Announcements.

Announcements on the module menu

Then click on Add Announcement.

Option to add a new announcement

Enter the subject and text in the spaces provided.

If you are applying date restrictions remember to check the Display After and Display Until boxes and review the dates. For important announcements, you may wish to select the Email option.

Check dates and send an email option

You can insert a link to content in your module (click Browse to open a module map).

Option to add a module link

Click Submit at the bottom of the page to post the announcement.

For more information, see the full guide.