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Ten things

Ten tasks, ten minutes each, ten ways to improve your module.

Remember, you'll need edit mode on and help enabled to complete this task (the toggle is in the top right of the page):

Edit mode on/off

Add a reading list

Get links to full text, the catalogue and more

The library will be able to order books you need and link your reading list items to the appropriate catalogue records and online resources.

Time to achieve: 10 minutes to get the ball rolling

There may already be a reading list in your module, to make changes to it select the item's drop down menu and then Edit (tick if it is a distance learning module), now move to Step 2.

Reading List drop down menu
Edit option

If this is the first time you are using a reading list select Add Content and then Reading List.

Add a new reading list

When updating a list, please do not delete or paste over the entire contents of your list. Please add, remove and move individual references as required. This preserves links to Library Catalogue records.

You should save your list regularly as Blackboard times out periodically.

Click in the edit pane to start editing.

Reading list editing pane

If an item is core reading, highlight the item(s) in the edit window, and use the star icon in the toolbar to indicate 'core reading'.

The Library will digitise all eligible chapters and articles indicated as 'core reading', subject to the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence. This is part of our Online Course Readings (OCR) service.

You may also select specific chapters or articles for digitisation. Highlight the item(s) in the edit window and use the OCR icon in the toolbar to make the request.

This is the only way to request digitisation of key items.

Follow the on screen instructions to set your preferences, then click Save.

Click Publish to send the list to the Library and make the list visible to students.

Select Save as draft to return to the list to continue editing at a later date. Students will not see changes in a draft until you publish it.

For more information on reading lists see the library Reading List information for staff.