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Ten things

Ten tasks, ten minutes each, ten ways to improve your module.

Remember, you'll need edit mode on to complete these tasks (the toggle is in the top right of the page): Edit mode on/off

Help students help themselves

Sometimes we assume students won't have a problem using tools within Minerva. However, using assessment tools can in particular be stressful for some students.

Give them a link to our guidance so they can check the assessment process and find out what to do if they think something's gone wrong.

Time to achieve: less than 5 minutes to add a link

Go to the appropriate area in your module. Select Add Content and then External Link

Adding an external link

Give an appropriate name like: 'Turnitin help guide'

Add the URL of the appropriate guide e.g. the Turnitin student guide is at

Click Submit

So you should finish with something like this:
Link to Turnitin guide

Other guides your students may find useful:

See the full list of student guides.