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Ten things

Ten tasks, ten minutes each, ten ways to improve your module.

Remember, you'll need edit mode on to complete these tasks (the toggle is in the top right of the page): Edit mode on/off

Hide content

If you are leaving content unavailable until it's needed you'll have to remember to come back to the module to make it available to your students. Instead you can prepare material ahead of time and set simple rules on how it's displayed.

One simple adaptive release rule will make it easier!

Time to achieve: 1-2 minutes per item

Find the item you wish to make available only after a predetermined date. Select the action link next to it, then select Adaptive Release.

Select the action link
Select adaptive release

Add a Display After and perhaps a Display Until date. (Remember to check the boxes too).

Add dates as required

Click Submit.

Note that with Edit Mode is OFF you will not be able to see the content until the release date. Change to Edit Mode is ON to view and modify adaptively released content.

Adaptive release rules can use all sorts of criteria, not just dates and times. You can use scores in a quiz, membership of groups, or even test if someone has looked at another item in your module. For more help please see our Adaptive release guide.