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Ten things

Ten tasks, ten minutes each, ten ways to improve your module.

Remember, you'll need edit mode on to complete these tasks (the toggle is in the top right of the page): Edit mode on/off

Online feedback

Getting online feedback is convenient for students. They can access their feedback from home and, through My Grades, they can get all their feedback from the module in the same place.

Time to achieve: 10 minutes to understand the basics of methods available.

Minerva Test tool has a wide variety of question types, many are marked automatically and have options to give automated feedback when you build the test - either generic for correct/incorrect answers or specific feedback per answer selected.

The tool is suitable for formative and low stakes summative assessment. You can choose to release feedback to students upon completion or after a certain date.

Find out more by reading our Test guide.

Many Departments use Turnitin for submission and a growing number are starting to use the tool for feedback too. Turnitin's Feedback Studio tool allows you to mark online, either via the web browser or the iPad app (which accommodates offline marking).

There are various features including: a general comment; audio comment and inline annotations.

Remember, if you're marking online it's important to have a good internet connection (we woudn't recommend marking over wireless as connections can easily be lost).

Via the web browser, you can access Turnitin via Control Panel > Tools > Turnitin UK Assignments (via the Grade Centre is a longer route).

Turnitin guides:

Feedback can be added to the Grade Centre for any gradable Minerva item. If you wish you can even create a column for work done outside of Minerva and use Minerva to return feedback.

There are various ways to give feedback to gradable Minerva content. When you have work that is available to mark, one way to view it is by clicking the Needs Grading link which appears in the Grade Centre area of the Control Panel:

The Needs Grading link

There are various filter options available on the Needs Grading page.

You can click on a student's name for a specific submission, or you can click on the item name's drop down menu and select Grade All Users - useful if you want to mark all submissions for one item.

Grade by item

What you see next depends on the tool. In the test tool you will see the answers given with a corresponding area for each mark. Typically a test will have a section at the end called Feedback to User (comments the student will see) and Grading Notes (comments staff on the module will see).

Enter any marks/feedback and then click Save and Next to save changes and see the next submission.

Grade by item

In assignments, discussion boards, blogs, journals and wikis the interface is different. You will see the submission with an area for marks and feedback on the right:

Grade by item - assignment, blog, journal, wiki, discussion

There is a content editor option so you can format feedback and attach files:

Arrow to open feedback area

If you wish to enter notes for staff on the module, select Add Notes:

Arrow to open feedback area

After entering grades/feedback make sure you click Submit under the Grade/Feedback to save any changes. You will be taken to the next submission.