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Add package files

Packages are a set of files that are linked together and compressed into a single package (.zip). Some software providers (e.g. Articulate) allow users to output package files that are compatible with Minerva.

This guide will take you through the steps of adding any packaged (.zip) files to your module/organisation.

If you have an Articulate Presenter or Quizmaker package which includes an assessed element that needs to be linked to the Grade Centre, it is recommended that you output and add the file as a SCORM package.

Step 1

  • From the module/organisation menu navigate to the appropriate content area; i.e. Learning Resources
  • Ensure that Edit Mode is switched ON from the top right of the screen, if it isn’t already
  • Select the Add Content action link and click File
Add Content > File dropdown

Step 2

  • Click Browse Content Collection
The Browse Content Collection button from the Add File page
  • A new window will open in the module/organisation Content Collection area
  • Select the Upload action link, then Upload Zip Package
The Upload Package action link
  • You need to put your zip files in their own folder,* create one by clicking Add Folder
The Add Folder icon
  • Enter an appropriate name, then click Add Folder again to confirm
Confirming creation of folder
  • Next select the package stored on your PC by selecting the Choose File button
An on screen confirmation that the folder was created, and the Choose File button
  • A new window will open, navigate to the zip package, select it with your mouse and click Open, the window will now close
  • Click Submit

Your file will be unpacked automatically.


It is vital that you create a separate folder for each package you add to a module/organisation. If another package is uploaded to the same folder you will be prompted to overwrite existing files with the same name i.e. player.html. If you agree to this, it will result in the original files being replaced and the content they link to being changed.

Step 3

Select the file to link to e.g. 'story.html', ‘player.html’ or ‘index.html’ and click Submit. The window will close.

The select file page with story.html selected

Do not change the read permissions; this should remain as "Give users Read access to all files and folders in the folder".

Manage access options with Give users Read access to all files and folders in the folder selected

Step 4

Complete the Content Information

  • Name (requried)
  • Choose Colour of Name - You can use the picker to alter the text colour
  • Open in New Window - For a better student experience when accessing the content it is recommended that you select Open file in a new window
Complete content information

Click Submit.

You will see an on screen notification confirming the item has been created. It will be listed in your content area.

Removing package files

Removing package files

You can remove the link to a package file by selecting Delete from the action link to the right of the item name.

Delete a file

The package files are stored in your Content Collection module folder should you wish to link to them in the future.

You are unable to delete content from the Content Collection from the ‘Browse to Content Collection’ window. Further information on the Content Collection including how to delete files can be found in the guide.