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Collaborate Ultra - Captioning

Collaborate Ultra is unable to provide suitable captioning functionality at present. It is recommended that one of the following workarounds are used to include auto-captioning on both live sessions and recordings. Please refer to Digital Practice for more information about providing captions.

Upload Recording to Mediasite

Our recommended option for high accuracy is to record your session, download it from Collaborate Ultra and then upload it to Mediasite. This will generate captions that you can edit.

  1. Go to the Recordings menu within Collaborate Ultra and select the action button for the recording - select Download.Screenshot the recording action button
  2. Upload content to Mediasite
  3. Add captions to your recording
  4. Link your recording to the relevant modules within Minerva
  5. During playback, students will have the choice to view the captions.
Note: Any Collaborate Ultra recordings uploaded to Mediasite prior to the end of September need to have captions enabled. Any recordings uploaded to Mediasite after this will have captioning automatically generated.


  • Ability to make edits to the captions for high accuracy
  • No requirement for participants to do anything
  • Participants have a choice to view or not view the captions


  • Time intensive for the moderator (must download the recording from Minerva and upload to Mediasite)
  • Captions are only available from a recording, not a live session

Use auto-captioning within a PowerPoint file

If you are presenting with PowerPoint during your session, auto-captioning can be enabled from the application. There are instructions that explain how to do this on Microsoft's website.

After these have been enabled, you must use Share Application within your session so that participants can see the auto-captions. Auto-captions cannot be added to a presentation shared via Share File.


  • Auto-captions will play for all participants
  • Captured within the recording
  • Ability to select a different language


  • A strong internet connection is needed to share application during a session which can affect user experience in terms of connectivity
  • Cannot edit the live or recorded captions
  • Requires the moderator to use PowerPoint for all session content which may exclude learners during other activities for example use of Whiteboard or Breakout Groups
  • If this recording is uploaded to Mediasite and users choose to use the more accurate captioning in Mediasite, two types of captioning will appear which may be distracting for students


To ensure the best accuracy possible from any auto-captioning option, try to speak clearly and at a steady pace. Make sure that your microphone is not obstructed and is set up correctly.

Specialist subject terminology is often missed by auto-captioning and may need to be edited after the session has taken place.