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Collaborate Ultra Checklist

We recommend that you use our checklist prior to delivering a session in Collaborate Ultra.

Create a session or use the Course Room

Create a session room for this purpose, or reuse the permanent Course Room.

Create session

Session settings

Assign permissions, a role to students and any date restrictions.

Apply session settings

Students enrolled on modules

Make sure you have added a link in Minerva that participants can access.

Linked in Minerva

Invite Guests

If you want guests to access the session you will need to obtain a link that can be shared with them prior to the session.

Obtained guest link


It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience. Check the most recent list of supported browsers..

Browser check


  • Head, or earphones with a microphone to avoid audio feedback
  • Webcam if you want to be seen


Quiet space

Consider where the session will be delivered, if you don’t have access to a quiet space you may consider booking a room which ideally has wired internet access, or a strong WIFI connection.

Quiet space

Familiarise yourself

Get to know the tools, and if it is the first time you have used Collaborate Ultra, follow the walk through to familiarise yourself with the tool.

You can do this at any time using the Collaborate Ultra test room.

Get started

Prepare session content

  • Plan how you will use the time
  • Slides, images, polls, links
  • Welcome slide(s) - You may want to add a slide with the session start time and participant information. Feel free to reuse and adapt the PowerPoint template (please retain any image attributions).

Session content

Participant - Pre session checks

Advise participants to arrive early and check their connection, settings, and configure audio. A full list of checks is listed below in the '20 Minutes before' section below.

Participant checks

Recordings - Informing Students

If you intend to record a session, make sure that you inform participants of this beforehand.

Inform participants of session recording

Arrange assistance

If you are expecting questions and may not have time in the session to respond, you may also want to consider asking a colleague to answer questions in the chat.

Get help

Pre session checks

Prior to the start of a session you should arrive early to check your connection, settings, and configure audio.

Follow the steps listed below when you have entered the room:

  • Open the Collaborate Ultra Panel and click the cog icon to adjust Audio and Video settings as required.
  • Consider adding a profile picture which can make participants feel more comfortable.
  • If you are using the Course Room check it’s unlocked.

You can also perform this check at any time via your Module (Course) room.

Pre session checks

Load files

Load files ready to share by opening the Collaborate menu and selecting the Share Content icon. Any content will be queued until you're ready to share it.

Loaded files

Session introduction

At the start of the session you may want to use a welcome slide as a cue to:

  • Greet participants as they join
  • Remind participants of session etiquette (e.g. raise hand, mute microphone when not speaking)
  • Introduce Collaborate Ultra and where features can be located

Session introduction


If applicable remind participants the session will be recorded, start the recording, end when the session has finished and inform students where the recording can be located.

Record session


The Whiteboard cannot be saved. If you'd like to use the content created on the whiteboard later in a session, take a screenshot (Windows: Use the Print Screen key, Mac: Use the Command+Shift+3 keys) that can be uploaded as shared content.

Save whiteboard contents

Further tips on conducting a session are available on the Blackboard Help site.

Part of this guide was adapted from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Moderator’s Checklist by the University of Reading, available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.